Survey for Citizen Engagement (MOOC Final Project)

This post is the project for my MOOC on Citizen Engagement: A Game Changer for Development. The objective is ‘to design a theoretical citizen engagement to improve policy-making and/or public service delivery in your local community, city, or country, and creatively express how this might look like in the real world through the creation of a digital artifact.’

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Young Blood: ‘Patintero’ on the streets

I got my second Young Blood column published last Tuesday. This piece had been lurking around in my brain for a few months and finally came spilling out after I was almost hit by a bus while walking along EDSA (I just typed this in my phone notes while at the back of a FX shuttle). The title is a reference to Jane Jacobs‘ “ballet on the streets,” but I replaced ballet with patintero (a Filipino street game) which is not only relatable to because it’s local, but because the game is exactly what happens to Pinoys’ behaviour in transit. I guess I just wanted a shoutout for public spaces, mobility, and social behaviour.


Before the next game, let us establish the rules as a team.

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