EnP Board Review Schedule for 2017

I’ve received numerous comments, follows, and queries since my last post. Thanks to everyone for the kind words. It’s been a while since I worked on the blog series (I’m currently doing disaster work), but I hope I’ve been able to respond to everyone via e-mail.

Anyway, I’m sharing the schedule of UP Plano’s EnP Board Coaching Sessions for 2017. Here’s the poster:


Click on this link for the original post. And click here to register.

The registration fee is PhP 1,000 for UP Plano members, and PhP 2,000 for non-members. Queries may be sent to the organization, at e-mail address up.plano1415@gmail.com. Check on the Plano Facebook page for updates on the venue, and other information.

I might be doing the lecture on Cities: Origin, Concepts of City Growth and Spatial Theories and Principles, but this will be dependent on my schedule. 🙂

Good luck to everyone who plans to take the boards this year!

4 comments on “EnP Board Review Schedule for 2017

  1. Hi, Mam Jean, I am planning to take the Board of En.P, I am current enrolled in the University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU), taking up Diploma in Land Use Planning (DLUP) under the Faculty Management and Development Studies (FMDS). I am a Licensed Agriculturalist working at Local Government Unit, 11 years ago, I was one of the TWGs in the formulation of the SAFDZ-CLUP of our Municipality with the technical assistance and expertise of the BSWM to come up the plan. It was a 6-month undertakings and contributing in the different discipline of the plan e.g. soil, water, mapping and agro-socio economic aspect. In this context, do I qualify or can be admitted to take the board as per required under R.A. No. 10587?. Thank you.
    I am so grateful and impressed with your post/presentation regarding HISTORY THEORIES PRINCIPLES of urban and regional planning. Its very informative and easy to understand breaking the bulk of cozy reading huge references.



    I am a repeater for this exam, this time I am planning to take again. Please advice me of the schedules of reviews for April and May 2017…Thank you very much..


  3. Jason Cantay

    tnx Jean…. Just passed the board exam. your blogs helped a lot.


  4. Thank you so much Maam Jean. My wife and I were able to hurdle the 2017 EnP Exam. Your website is of great help. I have visited this site countless times. Great website for those who loves planning and the environment.


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