YSEALI Professional Fellows Program

Getting into the YSEALI Professional Fellows Program

This morning, I woke up to a text from my good friend, Yowee Gonzales, saying she just received the news that she got accepted to the Spring 2018 Batch of the YSEALI Professional Fellows Program, and asked me if I got in, too (we had previously discussed our application in December last year). And I received the best news ever upon opening my e-mail:


I’ve been praying thanks since I read this. It’s the best new year’s news I’ve ever had.  This is going to be my second YSEALI experience, the first being the Urban Planning and Smart Growth Workshop held in Singapore in May 2017. (Here are a series of articles I published on the experience: The Nature of Cities, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, and Rappler X.)

One of the requirements for the program is to write or blog about the YSEALI experience during the fellows’ stay in the United States, so I’m going to create a new section in this blog for that.

This is going to be my first time to visit the United States, and it will be the farthest and longest trip I’ll have from home, so I’m excited. I’m really looking forward to the program, especially all the learning that YSEALI offers, and of course, new friends and colleagues. I’ll be posting again about the fellowship when the program begins. 🙂

1 comment on “Getting into the YSEALI Professional Fellows Program

  1. Congrats! Your blog is a good resource for me in learning land use planning policies.


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