#SharethatSpace: Collective Thoughts on Urban Planning with Jean Palma

I gave this talk about two years ago, when I was just beginning to understand shared spaces. It’s heartwarming to read the reception on what I said (and the writer got this right), and it’s a realisation how smaller, more meaningful conversations can lead to better appreciation on the urban setting.

Tanglaw University Center


Jean Palma, urban planner (or environmental planner, if you want to be specific) and environmentalist, joined us for a get-together which she herself entitled “Collective Thoughts on Urban Planning” on Saturday, November 26, 2016.

  The get-together took the form of a workshop at the beginning, in which she asked the participants to draw maps of the Philippines and Metro Manila on pieces of paper, marking important roads and landscapes. It was an eye-opening experience – it helped us take a long, hard look at what we knew of the places they move around in, and what we do as citizens of our respective barangays, cities, provinces, and of course, the nation as a whole.

          We learned that urban planning, very much an interdisciplinary task or endeavor, was about more than just a cityscape. It is about the human persons who drive the activities in…

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