About Placemade

I’m really glad to share that after my YSEALI Professional Fellowship, I was able to launch my impact challenge called Placemade, which aims to recreate urban public spaces to be better and greener through citizen-led initiatives.

Since it started in July 2018, I’ve been working on partnerships with the local governments of Marikina City (my hometown) and securing a grant from the US Embassy Manila to jumpstart the project (and Placemade, thankfully, was awarded in the Small Grants Competition-Luzon).




Shoutout to my YSEALI alumni team, composed of Ishtar Padao, Eunice Dela Cruz (who were with me in the Singapore Urban Planning and Smart Growth Regional Workshop) and Yowee Gonzales and Francis Gasgonia (who were with me in the US for our Professional Fellowship Program).


I will post a series of “urban diaries” that will document the two pilot projects, which will be in Barangay San Roque (as suggested by the City Government) and Barangay Concepcion Dos (my own Barangay). These diaries will reflect the journey of observing spaces, engaging communities and local leaders, teaching about public spaces and civic engagement, recreating spaces, and sustaining the transformations.


Initial talks with the City Government of Marikina yielded support for the impact challenge. Here are executive representatives, and the planning and tourism office representatives. (Aug. 9, 2018)
Worked with the Barangay Concepcion Dos Development Council to present Placemade, which resulted to identifying SSS Elementary School garden, SSS Village gutters / streets.  (Aug. 3, 2018)
Initial talks with Barangay San Roque identified the San Roque Elementary School park and parents’ waiting area for the pilot project. (Aug, 9, 2018)

I really believe that while urban planning can be technical as a profession, it should also take citizen-led forms and embrace new urbanism approaches, including placemaking and tactical urbanism. Inclusiveness is key, and it makes our democracy work.

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