I’m really excited to share about my first book ever: Two of my essays were included in Young Blood 7!

It’s really an honor to be a contributor for the column, so receiving news of being part of the book was really thrilling. Here’s a news feature on the book launch, where I got interviewed.

The two essays that made the cut are Patintero on the Streets and Unethical Nation. To show support for young Filipino writers–and democracy in our country–please buy a copy of the book. It’s available at National Bookstore, P500.

With Ruel S. de Vera, Gibbs Cadiz, and Pam Pastor, editors of the book.
That’s me, beaming at my mom, who took the photo, and waiting for my stuffed Guyito. 🙂
Some of the 76 writers and the Inquirer editors during the book launch at National Bookstore, Shangri-la Plaza. Photo from Inquirer.net.
Here’s the printed copy of the launch news.

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