Embracing the ‘other’ through a city that cares: Recognising impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on London’s Filipino health and care community

I’m glad to share that a copy of my dissertation from my graduate study at the University of Westminster is now a free resource. An abstract is available at the School of Architecture and Cities’ MORE 2020 online graduate exhibition (click here for the print copy), while the full dissertation is uploaded to the Kanlungan Filipino Consortium website.

I will discuss my research in Culturaid‘s event, SAAN KA LULUGAR: Conversations on Space in a Post-Pandemic World on 12 March 2021, 2-4 PM. Watch the promotional video here, and if you’d like to listen in, register here.

Lastly, please do consider donating to the causes of Kanlungan, which helps Filipinos and migrant workers in the UK.