Living with landscapes

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After the Local Solutions Climate Conference in Manchester, I realised how impactful our perspective of landscapes can be. Solutions don’t always have to be about concrete, there are so many ways where we can use nature’s given solution to improve our cities. Here’s a write-up where I shared the learnings: Click to read the full article.

As always, thank you, Philippine Daily Inquirer. And to YSEALI and ICMA for the opportunity to attend the conference.


Meet the Planning & Sustainability Department (Plus Broad Brook, and the Parklets Tour)

Meet the Planning & Sustainability Department (Plus Broad Brook, and the Parklets Tour)

Want to know what we do in the Professional Fellowship Program? 🙂

It’s been a week since we got to Northampton, so let me tell you about our host: The Planning and Sustainability Office of the City of Northampton.

(Check out their very resourceful website here.)

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From one capital city to another: The turnout of Burnham’s masterplans

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Being in Washington DC was a dream come true–and a bittersweet experience. This is because one couldn’t help but think about what could’ve been in Manila: A similarly implemented capital, and a beautiful one at that. Here’s something I wrote for the Philippine Daily Inquirer: Click here to read the article. 

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Northampton: Our home away from home

Northampton: Our home away from home

This is a photo- and video-essay about our first two days of the fellowship in Northampton, Massachusetts. It’s such an enthralling feeling to immerse in a city that makes an effort to prioritise the walking and cycling public over cars. It’s also a rare treat to use trails that are protected from the dangers of highways. I like calling it the “Trail City.”

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Three states, four days, and so many lessons

Three states, four days, and so many lessons

YSEALI Professional Fellows Program

It’s been a whirlwind of an experience adding so many miles to the fellowship, both in distance and in lessons learned. We’ve been to three states in four days, and it’s an entire immersion of American culture, city spaces, and the environment. Let’s go through them one by one:

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Public Spaces in PH 101

Public spaces have been both a love and an irk in my advocacy for improving Philippine urban spaces. A love, because it embodies equity, distributive justice, and shared rights, and an irk, because many Filipinos disrespect the notion of what “public” means, and just about everything it embodies–because of a sense of entitlement–while so many areas in the rest of the world put public spaces on a pedestal. So this post is going to be a listing of how public spaces are mentioned in our Philippine laws, what the New Urban Agenda says about them, and how I think we should move forward on improving our spaces.

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Street art helps liven up blank walls and grey spaces. This wall art is in Kalibo, Aklan.

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The EnP Board Review Series: Part 6B – History, Theories, and Concepts

This was the lecture for the 2018 UP Plano Board Review Session on Environmental Planning history, theories, and concepts, in three parts. What’s new or different in this lecture as compared to Part 6A is that I presented topics thematically, not chronologically (which is also how The City Reader is presented). This looks more into the urban setting, not regional, and it covers topics all the way to global cities and globalised urbanization, which I feel are relevant to us all, but which are not covered enough or talked about enough in the country (for example, we learn about CBDs in school, but the world has moved to pseudo-CBDs and spaces of flows through technology).  

Part I

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