Sharing all that Green Talk: A Meet-up of Environmental Bloggers

I recently had the privilege to attend a green bloggers meet-up that was hosted by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. I’ll be sharing overviews of the presentations during the event, and, as always, link the importance to environmental planning.

The Blog Talk was held in celebration of biodiversity and wildlife protection and aimed to engage bloggers to further the campaign for environmental protection. It covered a range of topics: The Philippine commitment to the COP21 or the United Nations Climate Change Conference, the Stop Illegal Wildlife Trade Campaign, and progress updates on the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act. The event also featured two environmental champions in the Philippines: veteran journalist Howie Severino, who shared tips on how to approach environmental storytelling, and award-winning singer-songwriter and activist Noel Cabangon, who serenaded the group with his music on climate change and disaster recovery.

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Reflections on climate change and its “Signos”

This was a reflection I made after watching “Signos,” a Philippine documentary on climate change. The documentary was required media in the coursework of my masteral elective subject, Geography 255: Environmental Hazards and Disasters.

The embedded video is an seven-part series from YouTube. Please bear with the low quality, but this is the only copy of the documentary I could find online.

Signos was a very good reminder. Not an orientation, nor an initial comprehensive discussion, but a reminder. Continue reading “Reflections on climate change and its “Signos””